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Our team is young and hungry for change and impact. 

  1. VISION - Let us all work smart in building a 21st literate and responsible society.                         
  2. MISSION - To have our own Resource Centre that will be used to expose our members and community at large in all aspects of life and develop them holistically.


ACTT Project was established in 2011, after its founders realized that it is not the sole responsibility of Department of Education and schools to educate the NATION and up bringing responsible citizens of this country, but it should be everyone’s concern. Our main focus is to help those learners from Disadvantaged communities to get equal access to extra tuition and guidance.
Our Project is bases in a Township (Katlehong) surrounded by several informal settlements, where there’s a high rate of Unemployment, Teenage pregnancy, child headed families and high rate of learners dropping of school and try to search for survival, ending being the victims of crime, drugs and alcohol abuse. Our mission is to close the GAP between those learners who can afford to pay for Extra Tuition and those who cannot afford because of their disadvantaged backgrounds/circumstances
Most of our beneficiaries have to walk/catch a taxi +/- 15 kilometres on empty stomach to make it to our centre. Taking these children away from street (safe them) and give them HOPE, so that they can become something and improve their life and those around them, that is our mission. And so far, we can see the results, even though it is difficult to achieve our ultimate objectives given the circumstances that we operate under.  
We started with only few learners, of which we were only able to help with Accounting (grade 11 &12). Since then the project kept on growing and we experience the increase in the number of learners enrolling at our project on weekly basis. Our enrolment ranges between+/- 350 from more than 20 secondary schools around the township. Since our establishment, it has been difficult to cater for all our learners’ curriculum and co-curriculum needs given our current resources (financial, personnel and other Resources).
Based on the positive contribution we’ve been making since our establishment and the response we receive since then, we are quite confident that our community really need our services.
ACTT operation has never been smooth since its establishment, due to several challenges that its founders and learners at large have been experiencing, such as learners dropping out due to several factors - travelling long distance from their respective homes to make it to the centre, learning support material and active participation in other activities that will mould them to become responsible citizens of this country.
We have tutors from various universities and general members of the community to come and pledge their time every weekend. It becomes difficult to facilitate most of our operating activities, due to lack of sufficient structural and financial support.  
Our community service approach is guided by our strong adherence to the most stringent measure of ethics and professional practice. We uphold that, ACTT is the learning centre that will rescue low performing students from different schools and transform them in to top performing students.
We aim at establishing National strategic alliance with like organisations in order to enhance our project’s knowledge base, its reputation and that of its members. And also develop tools and Database facilities among other Project to facilitate the exchange Programmes.


Some of our volunteers that are transforming lives

Enett Mokoena

Accounting Tutor

Duduzile Malinga

Dept. Chairperson 
English Tutor

Puseletso Mokete

English Tutor

Samuel Chauke

Maths Lit Tutor

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